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Kurs Nr. 24 Stress release for the scientific minded – Learn to relax on the fly

mit Dr. Ruth Adam (Neurowissenschaftlerin und Yogalehrerin)


Stressed during your studies? In this workshop you will learn quick and effective
strategies to help dealing with stress and anxiety, increase concentration and even help you to deepen your voice! You will additionally learn techniques that will help you to boost your confidence. Those techniques can be used ‘on the fly’, like before giving a presentation or even before your defense talk. Theoretical reviews can befurther incorporated.
The theoretical part will include a scientific review discussing evidence of the effects of breathing exercises and mediation on cognition and the nervous system. In the practical part, we will learn distinct kinds of relaxation and confidence-boosting methods based on mastering breath (pranayama) and meditation. We will also look on body posture and learn several postures (asanas) designed specifically to help relax and energize. Each method will be explained and practiced and we will apply those methods also under simulation of different scenarios.
By the end of the workshop you would own a toolbox of diverse techniques.
Learned techniques
We will overview distinct kinds of methods, ensuring that you will find something
that works for you in various situations:

  • Breathing (pranayama)
  • Poses (asana)
  • Meditation

Learning outcomes
By the end of this workshop, you would have


  • Learned and practiced different types of relaxation techniques (involving
  • breath, posture, meditation)
  • Learned and practiced different types of confidence-boosting techniques
  • Own a toolbox of diverse techniques
  • Find out which techniques work best for you
  • Learn ways to deepen your voice
  • Gain confidence in your own ability to cope with stressful situations hence reducing internal stress.



Samstag und Sonntag, den 14.07. und 15.07.18
jeweils 09.00 - 13.00 Uhr
N. N.
max. 10 Personen
80,- € / Nichtstudierende 100,- €