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Global Order: New Perspectives on Power, Influence and Norms

In this two-part lecture series, new perspectives for analyzing the relationship between power and influence in present-day global order will be presented and discussed:
Ned Lebow (King’s College London) rejects the focus on power common to American realists and liberals. Instead, he offers a novel analysis of influence and differentiates influence from power and power from material resources. His analysis shows why the U.S. is increasingly incapable of translating its power into influence. Lebow uses his analysis to formulate a more realistic place for America in world affairs.
Klaus Dingwerth (University St. Gallen) uses a different analytical angle and focuses on the relevance of norms in global order. His analysis centers on the question if global norms have changed over the course of the past decades, and he particularly assesses the impact norms have had – and are likely to have – on the global order, and vice versa.


20 Uhr c.t.
HS 1199, KG I
Prof. Dr. Ned Lebow
(King’s College London)
Good-Bye Hegemony! Power and Influence in the Global System
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Professur für Governance in Mehrebenensystemen und dem Global Order Project des University College Freiburg (UCF)
20 Uhr c.t.
HS 1199, KG I
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dingwerth
(Universität St. Gallen)
Changing Norms and Global Order
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Global Order Project des University College Freiburg (UCF)